3 Unique Ways To Make Money With Magic

Looking for a new way to make money with magic? Here are three unique ways you may not have thought of.

Everybody wants to peer into the future and find out about tomorrow, especially in times of uncertainty. The “Horoscope Party” is great way to add extra income to your bottom line.

At a Horoscope Party you are not a “magician” but rather an “advisor”, “psychic” or “mentalist”. Never mention “magic” or “tricks”.

You do 20 minutes of mentalism, then take each person at the party into a private room to give them a personal reading (lasts about three minutes each). Usually the hostess or institution having the party will pay you ($10 to $15 per person).

I recommend you Google “Bob Nelson’s Horoscope Party” for more ideas. Also check out the ideas here:

Put your card and dice work to work by exposing gambling methods. Some performers have made a tour of frat houses around the country doing these exposes for a group at a flat fee, or a fee for each person.

The idea is that the knowledge gained from your demonstrations will protect the college students from being fleeced by card handlers or even their friends.

Simply put together a snappy lecture and use powerpoint or even a display board so all can see. At smaller gatherings, you can sit at a table and do an even better demonstration.

Teach easy to do card tricks to fraternity groups, business men, country clubs, senior homes and the likes.

These teachings can give men another tool for success in their social, business, and personal lives.

When I was younger I always had tremendous success picking up women using magic tricks. Grandparents can entertain their children with a few simple magic tricks. Shy people can become the life of the party with a few magic tricks.

As the teacher, you can show all these people how to improve their lives with magic.

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