Design Magic With Color

If you are planning on building a trick or apparatus you need to get th most out of color. To do that you need to understand a colors nature and psychological effects. The list below describes the color and the emotion it should evoke.

RED is for stimulating and dynamic color.
DEEP ORANGE is the most exciting color.
YELLOW is a cheerful color if kept to a medium hue.
YELLOW-GREEN is a tranquilizing colour.
GREEN is a cool and refreshing color.
BLUE is a cold hard color.
SHADES OF BLUE are cool and formal colors.
BLACK,WHITE,GREY,SILVER, and gold are nuetral and best suited for
ornamentation as they complement any color.

Keep these points in mind when designing your next trick.

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  1. Rob Beer

    Good advice, it’s easy to forget about the impact of colors in magic tricks. Even using a different colored deck of playing cards to the usual blue or red can make a difference.

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