5 Ways To Develop A New Trick

Since the advent of YouTube, every kid in the world is posting the secrets to magic online. How can you impress anyone if the secrets are widely known? To combat this and set you apart from the crowd, I offer these 5 ways to go about developing a new product, trick, or routine.

1) Can two tricks often used together be combined into a single exciting trick?

2) Can you create a new trick by packaging the hard part of the consumer’s task? In other words can you substitute a mechanical device for skill, making the trick easier to do.

3) Can you find a way to use Size, Color, or Shape, to differentiate your trick. When I was a kid I got one of those tricks where you have a small plastic frame that had a sheet of clear plastic in the frame. You take a pencil and pass it through the “glass” after putting a playing card on both sides. I took that little frame and made a much bigger one for use on stage. It was a big hit.

4) Can you create a trick which Save Time for the Magician? Street magic is very popular currently. If you can take an existing trick and make it faster, you can stop strangers on the street, wow them, hand them a business card and move on.

5) Can you create a new trick by eliminating the secret most magicians use and come up with your own. An example of this was a recent trip to the Magic Castle. When a magician wanted a spectator to select a card, every single performer did it the same way. They all ran their thumb over the edge of the deck and asked the spectator to say stop. When the spectator says stop, they pull the top half of the deck away, secretly sliding the top card onto the top of the lower half of the deck. The magician asks the spectator to look at their card (the one the magician already knows and is now on top of the deck where the spectator stopped). Think of a new way to force a card and your trick will already be miles ahead of those who should know better.

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