Easy Magic Tricks Revealed – How To Turn A Person To Stone

Now you can perform magic so mind blowing, your audience will see it, but they still won’t believe it. You can do it anytime and anywhere. Best of all it won’t cost you a cent and is such an easy magic trick, you’ll be up and performing within minutes of learning the secret. Let me reveal with you a trick that fits the bill perfectly and packs a big punch.

finger magic

A volunteer is invited to sit on a chair on stage. As you talk to them, they begin to feel heavier as if they were turning to stone. You ask them to rise from their chair but they are unable to do so.

As described, your volunteer takes a seat on stage. You walk around them chanting “Relax, relax in that comfortable chair, feel the power drain from your body. Your body gets heavier by the second, heavier and heavier as if your whole body is turning to stone”. You end your chant standing in front of your volunteer.

As you stand there you place your forefinger on the volunteer’s forehead. “When you feel the touch of my finger your whole body becomes heavier. Your arms and legs become weak. This pressure on your forehead is becoming ever greater. So great that it glues you to the chair you to the chair.”

You then ask, them to try and stand. They will struggle and try but the whole time you must keep your finger pressed to the volunteer’s forehead. They will be unable to stand as long as you keep the pressure of your finger on their forehead. The pressure keeps them from being able to gain balance and to get out of the chair.

To let them get up, remove your finger from their forehead while chanting to the effect of “The pressure of my finger is releasing, as it does so the heavy weight also disappears. The strength returns to your body and you’re able to stand. Rise and stand now please.

Now that you know the secret to this wonderful, yet easy magic trick, I suggest you take it and a few other tricks that use the body (Shinkoh’s Twisting Arm, or perhaps a levitation routine) and create a thirty-minute act out of them.

Now that you know how to do a simple magic trick, lets turn that magic trick into a miracle. Read
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