Encyclopedia Of Stage Illusions

I opened up my magic vault the other day and found one of magic’s rarest books on stage illusions, the Encyclopedia of Stage Illusions by Burling Hill.

Encyclopedia of Stage Magic

Published in 1980 this book caused quite a controversey when it was

discovered that neither the author nor the publisher owned the rights to the blueprints they published in this book. The rights to many of illusions belonged to Owen Magic Supreme (who made the illusions for all the top illusionists in the world).

A lawsuit soon followed and all unsold copies of the Encyclopedia of Stage Illusions were pulled from store shelves and supposedly destroyed in a worldwide recall.


There were only 500 copies of this book ever made. No one knows for sure how many books were removed from the shelves and destroyed. Of those that did go into circulation, over the last 35 years, many of these books may be worn, lost, or destroyed to fire or water. Over the past 10 years, I have only seen two of these come up for sale in America.

The blueprints in the book are very good and easy to follow for anyone who wishes to make their own illusions.

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