Jan Rouven Review

Jan Rouven Live in Vegas

It was a real pleasure to watch Jan Rouven perform this past week in Las Vegas. Usually I’m not

too impressed with magicians because I know how tricks are done and what to look for. With Jan Rouven I was very impressed.

While I did see through many of his illusions, I was also equally baffled by just as many. The power drill of death was was impressive not only in it’s size, but to be able to balance on the top when it’s raised in the air is a feat in itself.

Many of Jan’s illusions required a switch be made between himself escaping and his assistant
being trapped inside. In every instance his timing was perfect. Probably the fastest I have ever seen.

My favorite switch occured while he was chained underwater. His assistant dived into the top of the tank and the moment she entered, Jan was expelled from the front of the tank flying, sopping wet, 6-7 feet towards the audience. Inside the tank his assistant is chained underwater. The timing was perfection.

There was one downside to the show and that is when Jan let his assistants perform an illusion while he took a break backstage? Watching assistants with magical powers seems to cheapen the magician. Makes it seem anyone can do these amazing things and the magician is no longer as special.

Over all, it was well worth the price of admission. If you get a chance to see this remarkable young magician, you won’t be dissapointed.

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