5 Things You Must Do To Be A Successful Performer

Now you can live in a big mansion and travel the world. You can have all the money you can dream of. These things are all possible as a conjurer of magic. Let me show you the five things you absolutely must do if you ever want to be a professional magician.

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You must understand that anyone can learn magic. Just buy a magic trick, open it up, and read the instructions. Bingo, you’ve learned a magic trick. But are you a magician? Not in any sense of the word. The first time you do the magic trick you won’t fool anyone. Learning magic is more than just reading the directions.

If you are really want to learn how to perform magic that leaves the audience mystified and the money rolling in, you will need to do a lot more than just read the instructions. Here are five of my top tips. Yes there are more but these are the ones I feel are most important.

1. Practice. First and foremost you must practice before you go show anyone a magic trick you have created or learned. Should the trick require sleight of hand, make sure you practice enough that you can do it in your sleep.  I always recommend you film yourself with a camcorder or phone camera. In this manner you can see yourself as the audience sees you. You’ll be surprised at all the things you may see but you will learn what you need to do to make the trick work.

2. Be Creative. Every magic trick needs to have a presentation. All the big magicians would not be where they are now if they performed their magic exactly as it is outlined in the directions that came with the trick. Each one took a trick and created a story around it. Perhaps they added drama, suspense, or what most folks like, comedy. However you do it, you must take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

3. Speak Clearly. If you have a great trick but the audience can’t hear you or understand you, then all those hours of practice mastering some sleight will go to waste. If you are still in school, pursue public speaking or debate classes.  If you have an accent, incorporate it into your act. Desi Arnaz did very well with his bad English. While performing as Ricky Ricardo the Cuban Band Leader, the show often made fun of his bad English. You can do the same in your show.

4. Master Misdirection. In order to perform magic you must learn to be a master of misdirection. If you need to vanish or produce something in your right hand, you must be able to subtly get your audience to look at your left hand and as far away from your right as possible. Once they look away, your right hand is free to do what needs to be done. Try this the next time you watch a Magician throw their left fist high up into the air. Look at the right hand instead. You’ll see it grabbing for all kinds of things.

5. Be Prepared. It’s the Boy Scout motto, it should be yours too. Keep a prop list so you’ll know every item you need for each trick. The last thing you want at performance time is to find you are missing a vital part of your show. I also carry a box full of supplies for repairing anything that may break or tear.

By following these five rules you’ll not only be more entertaining, you’ll also receive repeat bookings. You’ll gain respect amongst your peers and be building your reputation as a professional.

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