Pick Up Girls (or Guys) With Magic

So your single, shy and want to meet someone of the opposite sex. What do you do?

Typically singles go to bars and use cheesy pickup lines that rarely work. Instead use magic, it is the best ice breaker I know of.

Back in my single days I had a great magic trick that worked very well. Back then most people smoked cigarettes and Marlboro was a very popular brand. When I went to a bar I made sure I took a gimmicked Marlboro cigarette.

I took the tobacco out of the cigarette and filled it with a rolled up five dollar bill. When I saw a beautiful girl I wanted to meet I would watch and see when she took a cigarette out. I would palm my gimmicked cigarette and approach her and ask if I could bum a smoke. They almost always hand you one.

I then do a switch for the gimmicked one and try to light it. I would then complain something like “Yuck, what’s in this cigarrette you gave me?” She would look at me and wonder what the hell I was talking about. I would then, right in front of her eyes, tear the cigarrette open and reveal the five dollar bill. I would then remark, “Here, I don’t need this, buy yourself a drink.” I would hand her the bill and then I would just walk away.

Girls love a man of mystery and now she’s wondering, who the hell was that, she was also amazed, and finally she got free money and all women love that. So now I had her interest peaked.

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Some time later I would walk by her again and most of the time they will stop me and want to start talking to me. If she doesn’t notice me I may walk back over to her later and ask her how the drink was and that’s all it takes for her to start asking how I did it and if I can stay and do another.

That’s the invitation you are waiting for to spend more time with her.

If your single and shy, give magic a try the next time you see someone you want to meet.

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