Make Money With Magic – The Magic Bus

Many of you have requested I share some ways to make money with magic.

magic bus

To get your creative juices flowing let me tell you a story of a magician I once knew who used a real bus (40 feet long) which came to the home were the birthday party was to be given. The kids come on board the air conditioned bus and the party is held there.

The children are invited two weeks before with a special “Bus-O-Gram” invitation, sent out by the firm from the list furnished by the mother. When the bus pulls up in front of the door, the children come on board to be greeted by girls dressed as clowns. The party is 90 minutes of fun, which includes balloons,
singing, a cartoon movie, magic, games with special prizes, horns, hats, souvenirs, and refreshments.

The slogan of the “Bus” is “The Party That Comes To You!”. This appeals to parents who don’t like to shop, entertain, and clean up after children.

For an extra fee you can include a closed circuit TV so the parents inside the house can watch the party.

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